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March 21, 2010 All in One Blog

A friend is sweet when it is new.
And it is sweeter when it is true.
But you know what? 
It is sweetest when it is u. 
Each day God sends his angels to guide us.
We don't expect to see them with wings or with halo.
Instead, they come in disguise & we call 'em friends.
Thnx 4 being an angel to me!


No sweet thought to forward,
no cute graphics to send,
just a..caring heart saying....
Take Care always my dear friend.


Old friends r gold.
New friends may be diamond.
If u get diamond, don't ever forget the gold
coz to hold a diamond u always need a base of gold.


Open ur door when u r alone,
open ur heart when u feel sad,
but don't open ur hand when u need a friend,
coz I'm already holding ur hand forever.

Life means missing expected things
and facing unexpected things.
When u r right, no one remembers,
but when u r wrong, no one forgets.
Don't worry! I'm here to remember
ur rights and forget ur wrongs.


Friendship is a bridge between U n Me,
when u r sad & lonely cross it,
I'll wait on the other side forever &
if u r afraid, just tell me, I'll cross it for U.


Butterflies don't know the color of their wings,
but human eyes know how nice it is.
Like wise u don't know 'how good u are,
but I know How Special U R.


You konw what? I like u! You know why?
Coz u r the best. You know why?
In ur own simple ways, u make me feel special.
U know when? Since the day we became friends.


The greatest gift u can give to someone
is ur time b'coz when u give someone ur time,
You have given them a portion
of ur life that u'll never get back.


Friends are amazing when they are new,
they are wonderful when they are true,
but do you know they are a Blessing when they are like U.



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