How To Transfer Games To Your 3650, 3660, 7650

March 04, 2010 All in One Blog

SIS Installation instructions

Firstly you will need an infra red connection cable. Download the SIS file to your computer. Enable infrared port in your phone. Select your sis file on PC, press right mouse button and select "Send to -> Infrared". The file will arrive as new message. Open Messaging application, then open the message. Installer will be started automatically.

Java Installation instructions

Download one of the Free Nokia java Game files and unzip the contents to a folder called 'Games' on your desktop. You may need winzip to do this.


Step 1. Download and install PC Suite 56MB

Step 2. Connect your Nokia to your computer with a cable or Bluetooth Dongle or infra-red cable

Step 3. Launch the Application Installer and and continue reading this illustrated tutorial

Source : mobileplayground


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