The Secret of Drawing - All in the mind

May 20, 2010 All in One Blog

47 mins | English | XviD | 720 x 404 | PAL 25fps | MP3 - 160Kbps | 500MB

This four part series, presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, explores how drawing has shaped our lives. Join him to discover the history of drawing and its relevance to the modern world.
Episode 3 - All in the mind
Andrew Graham-Dixon examines the variety of ways in which drawing intimately expresses the creative mind, from the very beginnings of art,
the drawings on the ceiling of the Altamira caves in Spain, to the remarkable works made by autistic twins William and Richard Tyler.
He also visits one of the rarest masterpieces of the Renaissance, a vast series of pictures uncovered as a result of World War II bombing in Pisa
and shows how Picasso influenced a whole generation of artists.


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