Beginning Visual Basic 2010

May 20, 2010 All in One Blog

Wrox | 2010 | ISBN: 0470502223 | 720 pages | PDF | 11,6 MB

Synonymous with writing code in Visual Studio 2010, Visual Basic is an incredibly popular programming language. Its speed and ease of use make it a frequent first choice for new programmers, as well as a heavily favored choice for the more experienced set eager to learnVisual Basic's latest iteration. This beginning guide provides you with a solid foundation, unlocking the power and possibilities of Visual Basic 2010 and giving detailed steps for quickly and easily writing useful programs.
Beginning Microsoft Visual Basic 2010:
Details the process for creating Windows Forms applications, WPF Windows applications, web applications, WPF browser applications, mobile device applications, and Web Services
Discusses application debugging, error handling, and dealing with unexpected events
Addresses object-oriented programming and how to use it in your applications
Reviews dynamic data web sites and ASP.NET
Introduces XML and shows how it can be used to integrate your applications with others
Explains deploying applications using ClickOnce technology
Covers Access®, SQL Server®, and ADO.NET


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