Top 5 Sites To Make National And International Phone Calls For Free

June 25, 2010 All in One Blog

When we talk about making phone calls from our PC through internet, we think of  instant messaging services like Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk which provides PC-to-PC voice calls.

1) Evaphone : EvaPhone provides Internet telephone calls for free. Their website offers free VoIP call solutions which lets you make PC-to-phone free international calls.
The only limitation with this service is that duration of the free call varies in which country the call is made and the line provider.

2) FreeCall : It is a application which can be downloaded in your PC to make free calls to more than 50 destinations. You can make 300 minutes of free calls in a week to pre-defined free destinations. Unused minutes cannot be forwarded to next week. Please check this link to know destinations in which free calls are provided.

3) Calleasy : This website offers you free calls to the countries with rates below than 5 eurocents/minute. You can make calls through your PC as well as with your mobile. You can check this link to check the rates for every destination listed and start making free calls.

4) PokeTalk : PokeTalk offers free international calling to over 50+ countries worldwide. You don’t need any headphones, adapters, no download required. You can make up to nearly 50 calls per month, with a limit of 10 minutes per call. You can check this link which will lead you the free destinations available. Desktop Gadget is also available  for Windows and Mac users and you can also make calls from website.
5) Flash2Voip : Flash2Voip allows you to make free international calls to over 30 countries right from your browser.  No need to download and install anything but simply register on the site and you are good to go.


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