Top 5 Sites To Make National And International Phone Calls For Free

June 25, 2010 All in One Blog

When we talk about making phone calls from our PC through internet, we think of  instant messaging services like Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk which provides PC-to-PC voice calls.

1) MediaRing Talk : MediaRing Talk for Mobile lets you enjoy free mobile-to-mobile calls to and from anywhere in the world. Paying no roaming charges, you can stay in touch with friends, family or even business associates while on the move and not worry about incurring expensive IDD charges. Free calls from PC to phones can be made to 8 global destinations which are USA, UK, Canada, China, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan & Hong Kong.

2) Globe 7 : Globe7 is a tiny application integrated with Soft Phone, IM, Videos, Games, News and many more opt-in widgets for your complete entertainment, information and communication. WIth Globe 7, you can not only just make free calls but also watch free videos, play free games, free live, free live radio, send sms, upload and share files etc. The best part is this software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile users.

3 ) Goober YouCall : Register yourself with a free account, no download required. Enter your phone no., enter your destination no and your call is made. The only limitation is that duration of call according to the destination you call. Your account is pre-filled with some credits while you register yourself which you can use to make free calls.

4) iCall : iCall uses Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology which utilizes your existing Internet connection (cable, DSL, wireless, or dial-up) and your PC to plug you directly in to the regular telephone network. iCall gives you option to download the software for PC or you can make call directly from the browser. iCall is also supported in iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod touch.It only provides free calls to US and Canada when you make calls from the browser and the duration of each free call is 5 minutes.

5) Jaxtr : First sign up for a free account. Enter your number and then the destination number. Jaxtr will give you a local number, dial it from your phone. When it prompts, make a call to your friend’s number.


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